Appleby Procedure

Posted by lisarlee @lisarlee, Feb 18, 2020

My surgeon is thinking about performing this procedure on me. Anyone here had this? I am curious about expected outcome and complications.

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I’ve never heard of it, is it a new procedure?


Not sure about new or old. I have a small tumor in celiac vein and they take it out and bypass it. Anything on the Internet is medical jargon and was hoping to find someone familiar with the procedure.


If you haven't already had your Appleby procedure, the best advice I can give if find a doc who has performed it many times successfully. Same goes for Whipple. My wife had Appleby after chemo and radiation. Top hospital and top pancan surgeon in the country. Surgery was a complete success with all pathology negative. Recovery however has been extremely difficult. Removing 60% of the pancreas, gaul bladder, spleen, adrenal gland and 23 lymph nodes at once is extraordinarily hard on the body. My wife wasnt overweight and has lost 20% of her body weight due to pain, loss of appetite and chronic diarrhea. Good luck with your surgery and recovery.

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