Anyone with low vision issues due to glaucoma?

Posted by Don Higgins, Volunteer Mentor @dsh33782, Apr 12 10:18am

In 1983 at age 38 I had cataract surgery. Then in 1988 and 1989 I had two retinal detachments requiring buckles. Since then I have been fighting glaucoma with multiple eye drops and some laser treatments to improve drainage which lowers pressure. I see my optomologist every 3 months and my pressures are usually in the range 11-15. I'm currently on Pilocarpine, Dorzolimide, and Rocklatan eye drops. I have periodic field tests and the results are not good. I have no central vision left in my left eye, and I only see the lower half of field in the right eye. My doc says I will need surgery to install artificial drain when the current drops quit working. As a result I have low vision and need lots of light to see well, and glare is a serious problem. Are there others interested in discussing similar problems and suggested possible solutions?

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