Anyone using edarbl?

Posted by nene22 @nene22, Apr 7, 2019

I was taking vasotec but that wasn't getting my BP down enough so she gave me Edarbl. I haven't taken it yet because, when I checked on line, they said it isn't good if you have diabetes. They say I am boarderline diabetes. Also, if you have low salt (which I watch very carefully) not to take it. I don't want my kidneys to get worse.

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@nene22, I have a liver and kidney transplant. I don't know anything at all about the med you have been prescribed. However your doctor must have a reason that she feels that it has some benefit for you, in spite of the risks that you have read about.
I have a liver and kidney transplant, and the immunosuppressant meds and others that I take all contain risks. I have talked to my doctors about my concerns, and I have learned that some risks are either more or less significant for me individually. We are each different and medications affect each one differently. When I am prescribed a new medication or dosage, I usually am told to try it for a certain period of time before we know for sure if it should be continued or dosage changed.
Controlled blood pressure is importand for your kidney health. What kind of follow-up and monitoring has your doctor suggested for you with this new medication?

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