Anyone on Enhertu with Her2 NSLC?

Posted by ngogia22 @ngogia22, Jun 13, 2023

Could you share your experience with Enhertu? Was it effective? After how many treatments was their response if any? I have stage 4 NSLC with HER2 and started my first treatment with this drug.

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Hello @ngogia22, The HER2 driver of NSCLC is more rare than some of the other gene mutations. I have the ALK mutation, and I've been on a targeted therapy for the past three years.
Another member, @sboes, also has HER2+ lungs cancer and had taken Enhertu. Here's a link to a previous post;
Now that you've started the treatment, how is it going for you? Are you experiencing side effects? How soon will you have scans to measure the effectiveness?

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