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Anyone in (or have been to) the Pain Rehab Clinic?

Posted by @cork179 in Physical Therapy & Rehab, Jun 25, 2012

I have seen 2 docs who both are recommending I enter the PRC at Mayo in Jax. I would love to know what to expect. Success stories. How you felt during it? Anything.



Posted by @kalflen, Jul 1, 2012

I too have been recommended for it after I have surgery and recovered. I have a pseudoarthrosis that was from a surgery 2 years ago. I also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I would also like to know if the pain rehab clinic has great results.


Posted by @cork179, Jul 1, 2012

I'm on the waiting list now. Fingers crossed. I've heard great things about it but only from docs and nurses. They say I'll get my active life back. I can't wait. But would love for a past or current patient to comment on how it's helped them or what it's like.


Posted by @kjp, Jul 12, 2012

Hi, I was a participant of the pain management/rehabilitation program back in April /May 2011. It is a very helpful program to get your life started again even while still suffering from daily aches and pains(or just a medical condition that has changed your life). It begins to make you think of your physical limitations/changes in a new way and presents ways to live differently (and better-more productive, less focus on pain/condition, etc.) everyday based on what physical ailment/s you are dealing with. It also allows you to be exposed to others' that are currently dealing with physical issues OR just changes in their lives AND, some with even more obstacles than even you personally are challenged with or facing. The staff is very caring and supportive...lots of the information is very hands-on and practical for daily use.
I have physical ones....that i had to learn to deal with....physcially and psychologically....also there were quite afew individuals there that suffered from it would be a good place to learn about how others are dealing with it and their experience. Some of my program mates....did not really like how they were weaned off their pain medications...which can be very difficult for some of the programs' participants. The format is daily small (6-8 participants) group sessions based on a variety of related topics, and on a weekly basis (or maybe 2x's week) you meet with the interdisciplinary health care team within the program, to see how well you are doing, to discuss concerns and/or results of assessments they have done. Yoga, ThaiChi, Meditation and morning exercises are also built into each day of the program. (beginning of the daily session and at the end of the day.) If you have any other questions,,,,post again...
i will attempt to answer your ?'s!


Posted by @cork179, Jul 13, 2012

thank you so much for responding!! i really appreciate it. i am still on the wait list and hope to be in soon as i live in jacksonville where mayo is located.
i was intrigued by your statement that "some didn't like how they were weaned off the meds". what do you mean? i am someone who will be weaned off of mine and am glad they are going to do that. i am a bit afraid of the effects but really dont like taking meds 5 times a day to get by.
do you feel that this program has continued to help you in your daily life?
also, i have mayofascial pain syndrome. i dont think i mentioned that before.
thanks again!


Posted by @kjp, Jul 16, 2012

Hi...yes, i will be happy to explain...i should have clarified when i wrote about medications... that i meant their PAIN medication...not pharmaceuticals consumed to help them with the symptoms of their illness. The process was gradual....or the weaning was gradual....but some were not 100% convinced they wanted to be totally OFF their pain medications...since they are very addictive. It was/IS tough. Yes, i do think the program continues to help me on a daily basis. Not that i have established a daily routine each day...that the program supports doing. Same time up each morning, same time bed each evening....planning days....out and adhering to that plan. It is/was an expensive program(I went at St. Mary's/Mayo in Rochester, MN.) but for me it was good to be exposed to others' with the challenge of starting life over /or with a new approach because of an (new) illness and / or accident that was a life-changing event. So, i hope that helps.
P.S. the reason i mentioned because one of the other commenters had that...within my group there were at least 4 people with that health condition. So a very common condition within the pain rehab/management program.


Posted by @cork179, Jul 23, 2012

thanks again. since i last posted, i got word that i will start at the PRC on august 28th. im beyond excited. i def want off of the pain killers. i have been on one or another for over 4 years now. i hate the way they affect my body and attitude. i know its goign to be hard to get off them but im up for the challenge.
anything i should bring with me or know before starting?

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