anyone have weird or strange ear discharges?

Posted by kanthony654 @kelly44doug, May 13 5:23am

ive been having black things in my ear that seem to be idiopathic by ent and primary care doctors sone of them are brown sone are off white tic tac looking that ive been able to seehowever even with some images i cant get anyone to understand me! i believe could be mold exposure from sheet rock

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I have weird shapes that I could pick out of my ear all day! Some are sharp; some are soft and some feel like melted candle wax. Like you, I haven’t been able to get any help - from primary care doctors, psychiatrists, ENT doctors - and now they have me in a IOP (Intense Program for seniors), but so far none of the counselors have anything to say when I explain my condition. I have an appointment with an Neurotologist at the end of August. That will make it 8 months that I’ve been looking for help. I can’t be the only one that ever had this condition. Oh- Since I feel these objects with my fingers and my ear certainly feels them -but no one - not even me can see them - a psychiatrist convinced me that this condition is neurological so that’s why I have the appointment in late August. I’m very frustrated at this point as know are you.


the top pic looks like wax and blood

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