How effective is Neupogen (filgrastim)? How often or long is it taken?

Posted by jeis68 @jeis68, Nov 20, 2023

Just curious how effective is Filgrastin
is at raising white blood cells neutrophils. Is it meant to be ongoing treatment or a one and done?

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@jeis68, as you already know, filgrastim injection is used to treat neutropenia (low white blood cells) that is caused by cancer medicines. This medicine is also used to help the bone marrow recover after a bone marrow transplantation, for a process called peripheral blood progenitor cell collection in cancer patients, and to improve survival in cancer patients who have been exposed to radiation.

The length of your treatment depends on the condition that you have and how well your body responds to the medication.

You can learn more here:
- Filgrastim Injection

I'm also tagging fellow members like @loribmt @rrivory @jackiez who can share their experiences with filgrastim (Neupogen).

@jeis68, has filgrastim been recommended for you? Are you currently receiving cancer treatments?

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hello dear how you are doing?
i need to make some discussion with you about netropenia
about 25 days ago m y husband made cbc test seems that had high lymphocuts with low netropenia
then me made a whole cbc test in other place more accuarte (that in cancer hospital ) also the results same without anything else said netropenia
we made test for livar everything ok
only remain bone marrow test and we are very fear about the result .
am worry about everythings , Please advise ?
MALE , AGE 37 , attached all the documents


The next generation sequencing results will be helpful for your doctor to gather more genetic information about your CCUS status and what’s contributing to your low blood counts. Some of these blood conditions can develop very slowly over many years before anything significantly changes.

Since you’ve had up and down numbers for close to 30 years it may be possible there are some changes taking place now.

You may have had progression for some time but it wasn’t until you injured your leg that it became apparent. If you had an infection or injury that didn’t heal quickly that could have been an indicator that your immune system wasn’t at 100%. That same deficiency can be the reason your body reacted the way it did with the Influenza A, having to be hospitalized and now, not recovering very quickly.

Are you working with a hematologist?

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I have received my NGS results. Official diagnosis is
CCUS. My understanding is from an article I read is they don’t really know whether to treat it or not. Mine is a continue to monitor case. Mayo will do more bloodwork in March and discuss the pros and cons of a bone marrow transplant IF it’s even needed. And that’s a huge
If. At my age I may never need that procedure.
Seeing as how I’ve had this for probably over 30 years.
CCUS may not even be the issue. Time will tell. I feel fairly confident that I can squeeze in another 15 or 20 years.


I have T Cell LGL and I needed a surgery on 1-3-24. My Neutrophils were only .2 ANC so I needed 5 days of treatment before the urologist did a Diverticulum of the Urethra surgery to raise my Neutrophils. It worked and brought them to 1.5. I was encouraged to take Claritin for an additional week since the Neupogin caused bone pain. I thought somewhere on the forumn that a gentleman was taking Neupogin on a regular basis. The Methotrexate didn't improve my blood count. I couldn't handle the side effects from Cyclosporine.

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