Severe scoliosis & no way to stop progression

Posted by sueblue @sueblue, Nov 6, 2019

I fell about6 years ago. Hubby had a procedure done and it was snowing out so they all wanted to get home and let him out before the anesthesia wore off so I was holding on to him in the parking lot since he was still loopy and fumbled for my keys in my purse that I had pushed around in front of me. I clipped the edge of a cement car stop with my boot and went down flat on mhy face with my purse digging into my diaphrahm area. At the time I thought the worst was the 4 front teeth that broke. However a couple of months later I noticed I was slightly short of breath and I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. that kep getting worse over time. Then I noticed a posture change and they realized my spine was the problem . My diaphragm is up in my lungs and my spine is making its way across my chest towards my heart. My rib cage has shifted too at this point and esp. my left lung is being crused badly.

I am on supplemental oxygen for exercise but do not use it where I should – on the stairs – as it is a portable that you carry and I always am carrying something up or down. I live in a multi level house so 3 flights with the laundry in the basement. Not good for someone who can’t breathe.

My prognosis is that eventually I will suffocate to death as I am 81, have severe osteoporosis so surgery is out as screws would not hold. I also have other conditions and it seems I have jnust been “passed off”. I have started to have some swallowing issues as my esophagus and trachea have a sharp bend at the collarbone area. The hollow area between my collarbones is no longer in the middle of my neck but over on the ritght side of my neck now.

Thanks for letting me vent and just wondering if anyone else out there has a similar problem..

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my problem dates from polio in 1945; i am now 83. my head has always been 1 1/2 inches off center so that i have a big shoulder and a little one. my left kidney is in the middle of my gut in front of my colon. i was supposed to be 6 feet tall and am 5'4". i have found water exercise and chair yoga to be essential, and i try to pull myself as long and straight as possible in bed. all doctors send me for physical therapy and it helps sometimes. a dr at mayos casually mentioned that i had a "really twisted sacroiliac, which i ignored. when i mentioned the pain to my dr, he made me go to his chiropracter, even though i don't (didn't) believe in it. he straightened my sacroiliac which did several nice things, but nothing will fix my back. the squished torso is a problem, and exercise and a b-pap are the only help i know.

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