Anyone else with PMDD?

Posted by rita @ritabtripp, Feb 23 4:51am

My daughter has Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and thought hormone therapy might help. She asked me to seek help and advice from this group. Has anyone been helped with it and how were you treated?

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The only thing that helped me was going on birth control nonstop to get rid of my periods, but it may not be the greatest alternative in the long run. Also, seeing a psychiatrist or GYN might help. PMDD usually means you have a hormonal imbalance and are very sensitive to any changes in your bodies chemistry. I also just found out a few years ago that I have Hypothyroidism and it’s possible I had it most of my life. I also have depression and ADD and usually 2 days out of the month I am bed ridden from PMS due to severe depression. I would say get everything checked out before HRT.

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