Anyone else find music with SSHL off key?

Posted by eustis @eustis, Apr 16 6:23am

After SSHL for the second time and now experiencing tinnitus I find that all music is off key. Common issue?

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Yes I have noticed that as my hearing loss got worse that music does appear off key. It is especially noticeable with old church songs I grew up with and now it is quite different listening to the Melodie’s. I just assumed it was due to hearing loss. Even with very good hearing aids it is not the same. I have found out that everything is just noise and that our brains have to separate things out. Anyone else notice this?


Yes definitely music sounds off key even with expensive hearing aids. On the other hand the phantom music I hear is always right on key.


Oh, it's just awful, especially listening to music that is new to me. When I'm familiar with the music my brain fills in the tones my ears can't hear. But with music I don't know, I'm helpless. Hearing aids are set to reproduce speech, not the full richness of music. My understanding is that one can get tech (headsets, ear buds etc.) that captures the full range of musical tones, which is great, but doesn't help with live music.

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