Anyone cure chronic tonsillitis without tonsillectomy?

Posted by kspowell @kspowell, Feb 25 4:55am

I have chronic tonsillitis with tonsillar exudate. My ENT says my choices are live with it, or a tonsillectomy- which I won't get due to the pain and challenges.
Interested if anyone else has/had this problem and what you did to eliminate it without surgery.

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i can't help you much. i had mine taken out back in about 1964. but i have a nephew who still has his. they'd give him problems and swell up big. the doctor did not want to do a tonsillectomy. but what he did instead was use a syringe with a long needle and drain them until they went back pretty much to normal size. but my nephew said that was very painful. and would hurt for days later. good luck, d

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