Any tips on coping w/isolation, loss of support. LC since 2020

Posted by kate2020 @kate2020, Oct 15, 2023

Hello. I was infected in Nov 2020. Began mild & then progressed to SVT, POTS, severe cognitive issues, laundry list you all know. Was in a wheelchair for quite a while.

Had big improvement after appendectomy in early 2022 but still remained isolated, no social events, etc.

Was reinfected this July while hospitalized for DVTs. Now too sick to walk more than 10’. I work from home & truly can’t leave my home.

The isolation is so difficult. Nearly all of my friends stopped returning msgs & calls about 2 yrs ago. I’m married but hate to put all of this social responsibility on my spouse.

Struggling to cope w/the loneliness, the dismissal & even hostility from others that this is a hoax, etc. How to lead a fulfilling life, career, etc. when you can’t leave your home? I still haven’t figured it out. Thanks for any help.

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I struggle with the isolation also, but in my case it is a bit self-inflicted. I have fear of reinfection, so avoid indoors - no bars or restaurants. I will go indoors to a store or pharmacy on occasion but wear an N95s. I mask at my doctors office though no one else does, not even my doctor or medical staff. So yeah, it’s like living in a different world. And yes, have lost friends who think covid is no worse than a cold. It’s a tough spot to be in - everyone else has moved on, but I’d still rather be safe than sorry.

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Just wanted to second your comment ... with my long covid I really dont want to get a second covid infection so am taking all these same precautions ... definitely hard on a social life. But also finding ways around it ... lots of walks outdoors, and rigged up a tarp over a backyard table so I can even have a friend over for dinner in the rain.

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