Any info or advice, my husband has extensive small cell lung cancer.

Posted by tlhewell @tlhewell, Feb 28 5:07pm

I am feeling kind of lost. My husband has extensive small cell lung cancer and is currently going thru chemo. We are doing 6 rounds and have completed 2 so far. I dont even know where to start to find real information or support.

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I suggest you reach out to his team and tell them you would appreciate a conversation about approach, expectations, other resources you might need to plan for , etc things you don’t understand and how you can better prepare to help him through this. You must feel a bit like a pinball. Take care of yourself.


Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Make sure you have durable medical and financial powers of attorney in place. Have the tough conversation about what he wants for his final wishes.

With my mom's diagnosis we interviewed three local hospice companies. Two of the intake/representatives never looked my mom in the eye. The third did and spoke to her direct, no surprise which one we called when it was time.

With all the dying stuff behind you can focus on living the best possible life.

The LiveLung Foundation and the Go2 Foundations have monthly virtual meetings for SCLC. The LiveLung Foundation is hosting a SCLC Summit for patients and caregivers, registration is freer and there are travel grants available. It's a chance to meet the researchers and reps of the companies working to develop new treatments that target sclc. You can Google them for information or let me know and I'll find the registration link for you.


Welcome to Mayo Connect @tlhewell. You are facing a complicated time. It's normal to feel lost and overwhelmed. Each case of lung cancer and every patient is different, so it is important to speak with his care team. There are many people here that have been through a similar path of chemo and are able to help by sharing their experiences too if you have specific questions. Are you comfortable asking his team for direction? Sometimes the chemo nurses can be a wealth of information too. How is he feeling after the second round?


Hi @tlhewell, I wanted to check in with you. How are you and your husband doing?

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