Any help from muscle relaxants?

Posted by notacopy @notacopy, Oct 19, 2023

I have three weeks before i can finally get in to see a rheumatologist and my PMR is getting worse. Has anyone had relief from taking a muscle relaxant in addition to the traditional anti-inflammatories?
This is getting intolerable. No excuse that it takes 2 + months to see someone when you're in a lot of pain. Thanks.

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I found no relief when I tried muscle relaxant before my test results came back before given prednisone. That was the only thing that worked for me.


Thanks! They're not much help for me either.


I too was in a time tunnel of pain. CRP only slightly elevated. But because of my symptoms, My doctor (internal medicine) started me immediately on 20mg. Pain literally gone within 4hrs. He felt that my response to the prednisone was conclusive diagnosis. Hope you get treated asap. I would make contact again and ask if you could be seen on a more emergent basis. I'm disappointed that anyone would have to wait that long in pain.


I have taken muscle relaxants in the past but not necessarily for PMR symptoms. Pain was making me feel tense all the time.

I took Zanaflex (tizanidine) for overall pain. My primary care doctor was willing to prescribe it to me. It seemed to help me to a certain extent. I was getting somewhat desperate and willing to try anything for pain relief. I was thinking nerves carry pain signals to the brain so maybe Zanaflex would help.

I wasn't having muscle spasms all that much. I just wanted something that was short acting and would provide temporary pain relief. I liked how Zanaflex was said to work on


Thanks for your reply. I just got on Prednisone today. No effects yet...ever hopeful! Continued good luck to you.


Has anyone tried Naturopathy for help in dealing with their PMR?


I have been experimenting with Kinesio Tex tape with fair results. The tape has been my go to pain relief for AO for a couple of decades, but I was reluctant to try it on the PMR because it seemed so pervasive. I'm glad I tried it - these last two weeks there has been a slow steady decline in pain. Maybe that was going to happen anyway - no way to tell, but my monies on the tape..
I have also taken Celebrex for the past two month.

Unfortunately, neither help with fatigue.

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