Any experiences of Somatic Experiencing for Complex PTSD?

Posted by jtarry66 @jtarry66, Dec 17, 2021

I have complex PTSD from prolonged harassment, threats and stalking for years. Never found the culprit due to private numbers and burner phones. Had no reason to be targeted, just normal adolescent going though school and collage.

I am now looking to find a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner to release overstimulated nervous system and hypervidgilance thats been building up from 2012 – present.

I would love to find people with similar experiences as me + those have gone through / going through Somatic Experiencing

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Hello @jtarry66 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. First, I am very sorry to hear that you endured prolonged harassment at such an age. I can tell you are very motivated to heal and connecting with others is a great step.

I did a quick search to see if other members had shared about somatic experiencing and to my great surprise, member @seekinginfo did in a previous discussion and may have information that you will find helpful.

I also found this information that may be helpful:

– Somatic Symptom Disorder:
Can I ask where you originally learned about this therapy?


Hi @jtarry66 , I finally became aware of childhood trauma in my own history in June of '21 and have been searching for a therapist who sees somatic, EMDR, or other trauma therapy. I see myself as being very dysfunctional now, worse than before acknowledging that for me it was trauma. I'm waiting to hear back from my insurance now re a therapist I found who is "out-of-network." I've kept myself somewhat sane by reading the books of & watching The Wisdom of Trauma by GABOR Maté, MD
If you go to the wisdomoftrauma. com you can watch the movie.
I'd be very interested in connecting with you 💐

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