Any documented drug interactions between Keytruda and Creon?

Posted by steveskolnick @steveskolnick, Jan 19 12:02am

I had lung surgery to remove a cancerous mass on my upper left lobe in June 2023. Entire lobe has been removed. In August 2023, they found a tumor on my pancreas and I had Whipple surgery within 2 weeks of diagnosis. According to a scan I had 2 weeks ago, I am happy and blessed to cancer free of my lungs and the remaining 1/2 of my pancreas. Because I am not producing sufficient digestive enzymes I began taking Creon (enzyme supplement) about 2 months ago and this helped stop the weight loss (down 40 lbs) and helped my digestive system. All good. I have finished my Lung chemo and am now getting 9 rounds of Keytruda (immunotherapy). 2 days after my first round, I began getting migraines; some pretty severe where I have to seek a dark and quiet room. I am 74 and have never had a migraine in my life. As a scientist and engineer I began the investigation of the mix of newly introduced meds to try to figure out the root cause here. Here's what I know:
Once I started Keytruda, I also started Potassium pills. The migraine was very low grade in the morning so I could function. In the afternoon, the migraine increased in intensity but I could still do a little bit but in the evenings, it was very severe where light and noise bothered me. So I have begun the process of elimination testing. I stopped taking potassium for 4 days and nothing changed so that eliminated the potassium as being the root cause. Then it hit me. I do not take Creon with breakfast as I only have a piece of toast and a banana. I do take Creon before my lunch and then again before my dinner. The timing of the migraines are directly related to when I take Creon. If I take Creon at noon, the migraine intensifies 30 minutes to 1 hr later. Same thing happens at diner time. 30 minutes to an hour the migraine cranks up to very severe and I have to lay down. My suspicion is that Creon and Keytruda have in interaction which can cause migraines. I have searched everywhere but can not find this drug interaction listed. The real test will come today when I stop taking my creon and see if the migraines go away. I'll keep you posted of the results.
Thank you in advance for reading this long message. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this or if anyone has had similar symptoms.

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