Any alternative treatment ideas for outer hair cell damage in cochlea?

Posted by danr @danr, Mar 18, 2021

Hello! I have outer hair cell damage in my left cochlea. I've done the MRI to rule out neuroma or tumors. I've done extensive vestibular testing to rule out anything else. And steroids into my inner ear fixed my hearing 100% for about a week. Since then, I'm back to moderate level low freq hearing loss in my left ear. I've tried diuretics, oral steroids, low-sodium diet, healthy living, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nothing has worked yet. I'm going to try acupuncture next. Does anyone have any other treatment suggestions? Thank you very much!

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Avoid noise, check your meds for hearing loss side effects, avoid solvents with those side effects also. Try not to stress, and have your folic acid, vitamin D and B-12 levels checked. Those nutrients deficiencies can really cause hearing loss

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Thank you, th1! All good ideas.


th1 @th1, As I have taken all that you mention at one time or currently, I would like to get more details about these findings. Do you recall where you got this information or where I could find it? I know there is one man who has made himself a specialist re ototoxic meds, whose name is not coming to me at this moment.


@julieo4 Thanks for posting. Everyone, please attend if you can. It’s important that we get a large attendance. It helps with our advocacy efforts

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@tonyinmi @julieo4 Thank you for sharing information about these.

For anyone interested in the upcoming webinar, taking place April 8 between 2pm and 3pm, here is the registration link:
For information about the meeting and big picture, from the HLAA:
I submitted the webinar registration link to HLTR and it is now at the top of the page in News section ( Back in November this helped promote the RNID/Catapult/UK Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate Webinar. (So, hopefully it will help boost attendance for the PFDD event!)

I hope to watch the event live but if not I will get the recordings.

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