Best antidepressants for anxiety? And about to begin a benzo taper

Posted by sears @sears, Nov 24, 2019

What are the best antidepressants for anxiety? I know everyone is different, looking for opinions and options. I’m about to begin a benzo taper. My doctor wants me to stabilize a little before starting.

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I have tried a bunch of different anti depressants and other meds over the years, some aimed at anxiety, some not, with varied results. Prozac was good for me to a certain degree, but didn't address the anxiety. Buspar was awesome, but I was dizzy for hours with each dose, so discontinued. Wellbutrin made me hostile (to put it mildly), which is especially bad for me because my anxiety comes out as agitation, irritability, and feeling like I'm possessed by a rage demon. So that was a no go. Lithium did nothing for me at all. Depakote didn't help my mood, and I gained 100 pounds. Tegratol- rash. Lexapro- kind of worked, but not well enough. I'm sure there were more, but that's what I remember off the top of my head. The real game changer for me? Effexor. It is tough to get on or off of (have to ramp up and taper off very planfully), but it isn't an exaggeration that if I'd found it 30 years ago, my life would have taken a very different path in many ways. It pairs well with my adderall as well, and I haven't had any side effects after my body adjusted to it (took a few weeks). Once it did, I swear it was like clouds parted and the choirs sang and I realized what it was like to not feel crazy/on edge/etc and could actually THINK, learn and implement new skills and tools, and move forward in my life and relationships. Everyone is so different that it's hard to tell what direction to go in, but I would strongly encourage you to advocate for yourself in finding the right med/combo of meds. Don't stop searching until you find a med/combo/dosage that is just right for you. "I feel better than I did" is a START, not the finish line. Good luck!

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Hi, @mnmom – thinking of you. How are you doing lately? Is the venlafaxine (Effexor) still working well for you?


How does a doctor test for ADHD.
When I taught the doctors always asked us to gather behavioral data: time on task; time off task.
Some doctors would medicate from parents reporting.
There were often large discrepancies between teacher observations and parents’ (usually the mother) observations.

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"How does a doctor test for ADHD."
I have three boys with ADHD. A psychologist does the assessment – not your doctor.
They were in school, and the psychologist sent the report to the school. The report was recognized and respected by the school Awareness at school is critical.

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