Anti-tranglutaminase-6 antibody test - Gluten Sensitivity Test

Posted by kmst1994 @kmst1994, Jan 13 2:23pm

Has anyone in this group had the TG6 antibody test done? I am having trouble finding a lab in the US that conducts this specific test. I have read some articles regarding the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals in the UK conducting research and finding some links between gluten sensitivity with neurological symptoms and a positive TG6 antibody test. Professor Mario Hadjivassiliou is the medical researcher associated with this research.

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Hi there, I'm just seeing this, I registered just to reply to you. Did you ever find a US lab that does the TG6 test? I was diagnosed with Sporadic Idiopathic Cerebellar Ataxia in 2017 by neurologists at the University of Michigan. They ruled out genetic and can't identify the cause of my ataxia, so they just call it Origin Unknown. Honestly, they don't seem to be trying too hard to find the root of it, and these geniuses don't believe that Gluten Ataxia even exists. I'm pretty sure that I have GA, and like you I have studied Prof Hadjivassiliou's research, which speaks to me. I'm going to go gluten free soon, but I want to take the TG6 test first to find out what my levels are and then retest after being gluten free for a year. But I cannot find a lab here. I'm currently communicating via email with the Ataxia Centres UK to see if they can work with an American. They're checking but no word yet. Did you find anywhere here?

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