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anti-depressant and sexual drive

Posted by @hopex, Jan 28, 2012

I have been on celexa for about 2 years now to help control my anxiety. It has helped my anxiety but I’m just emotionless now. I kept on it because it did atleast help me with the anxiety. However, I have noticed that my sexual drive is almost obsolete and I’m sure its affecting my husband. I asked my doctor and he switched me to cymbalta which pretty much made me feel the same sexual drive. Anyone have any suggestions/answers?



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Posted by @roni4, Jan 28, 2012

Well for me before I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety and other stuff I had no sex drive for years I was like this and it really affected my boyfriend but then doctors put me on zoloft Xanax and latuda and my sex drive sky rocketed which I think it’s supposed to do the opposite affect lol maybe you need to switch meds or higher/lower dosage when they put me on zoloft they had me at 75mg and I felt emotionless so they put me back down to 50mg but then my other doctor kept bumping up the dosage so now I’m at 150mg and I’m feeling great I dont feel blank anymore

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Posted by @roxie43, Mar 7, 2012

Side effects for the treatment of anxiety and depression unfortunately include sexual disinterest. You’re going tito have to get creative with foreplay, nice ambiance and affection. This can be challenging when one could care less about intimacy when so many other things are going on.
You might just have to put a little effort in but definitely speak with presciber.
Good luck!


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Posted by @godswill4mylfe, Aug 4, 2012

You can try changing diet.Eat more healthy.Also try vitamin b12 which increases serotonin.

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