Another surgery 4 months following right lower left lobectomy?

Posted by minnie528 @minnie528, May 15 9:05am

Sometimes it just gets so overwhelming. I had my right lower lobe removed in Jan. My cancer was stage 1A & 4 months later, I've discussed before that near the incision under right breast under rib, it still hurts- more like it feels like it's moving or tugging, then it radiates around to mid back. That's what really hurts. It's not constant, but very intermittent. I saw my Gastro doc for another issue who had an ultrasound done & I have gallstones w/one large one & right away she referred me to a general surgeon to have my gallbladder removed! I said, "wait just a minute! I see my surgeon who did my lobe Friday & will discuss with him. I don't call this pain I get an "attack" of gallbladder, I'm still thinking its post surgery & frankly, it's too soon! I still have some numbness under right rib, chest still hurts some to inhale deeply & that twinge I get & the back pain can all seem like gallbladder, but what if it's not? To rush into gallbladder removal seems premature & imo, I should wait & see if this gets better. I don't doubt I have gallstones, but I feel this gastro doc is rushing. All these tests & dealing with healing is really getting to me! People will say you'll do fine without a gallbladder, but I don't see how when it's all about digestion, bile etc & I already deal with IBS.

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I hope the new testing your husband’s doctor ordered will provide answers.

I am seven weeks post LLL wedge resection and I am 70 years old. I had osteopenia, peripheral neuropathy in my feet, lower back pain, thoracic pain, right shoulder pain, balance issues, and multiple cardiac issues before surgery. I have been going to Physical Therapy (PT) for four years. Medicare pays for the visits. I see a Musculoskeletal Orthopedist at a Sports Medicine Clinic who sends through the referrals and recertifies my visits.

I saw my physical therapist before my lung surgery to modify my home program and I restarted the sessions with her twice a month after surgery.

It was most comfortable for me to do exercises after my lung surgery lying down in my bed, on a yoga mat on the floor, or sitting in a chair. The exercises helped and I have fully recovered with minimal nerve pain across my chest. I have resumed my normal activities with full range of motion.

PT may help your husband. My back pain is better as I continue to work on strengthening the muscles that support the back. Over the years, the therapist has helped me improve my overall body strength, flexibility, balance, breathing, posture, and cardiovascular fitness with a home exercise program.

I go to a University Hospital with a large PT program and very experienced staff.

I hope your husband feels better soon.


He couldn't say much because it's not his area, but I saw my GP & she said to ignore it if you're not having any attacks or distinct pain & the pain I have on my right side, both doctors said it's most likely to the surgery. So I'll take their word for it. Thanks for asking!

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Did you GP possibly suggest an ultrasound to check if gallstones are anpparent and problematic?


After having an ultra sound per my GI doc, my GP said they didn't look problematic, so it's fine to not do anything now, unlike my GI who wanted to schedule a surgeon appt to remove. They don't bother me, so am leaving it..

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