Annular Tear-Severe Pain

Posted by mishpaula @mishpaula, Mar 6, 2019

In November 2018 I had an MRI which revealed an annular tear. I have tried EVERYTHING! Pain relievers from OTC to narcotics. Nerve medication, CBD/THC. PT, Chiro, Acupuncture, exercise, heat, massage, epidural (going for another one 3/08/19). Nothing to date has helped and pain is debilitating. Sleep is dreaded as the pain from resting on my back, side, stocmach, literally causes a radiation and burning that is out of control. I am fit, thin and pretty tough. But this is getting to me. Please help and advise

So sorry I am also in excruciating pain. I will pray for you that God will
heal you and give you some answers. I am going for injections on Friday I’m
praying that they take away my pain this is so terrible.


Hello @mishpaula, welcome to Connect. I would like to invite @clint1510 who also talked about an annular tear on Connect in the past. @mishpaula, am I correct in understanding that an annular tear is similar to a herniated disc?

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