Ankylosing spondylosis and langelectasias

Posted by alrod @alrod, Jun 25, 2019

Am wondering if anyone knows if AS and tangelectasias are related? I had a few of these in my upper chest area and now they have spread all the way down my arms and are just so annoying and ugly. Anyone know??

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Forgot to add that I had a biopsy and the path report stated:

Comment: The differential diagnosis includes viral exanthem and morbilliform
drug eruption. In addition, the colloidal iron stain highlights an increase
in dermal mucin; therefore, a connective tissue disease (such as lupus
erythematosus or reticular erythematous mucinosis) cannot be entirely
excluded. Given there is no significant increase in the number of mast cells,
telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans is considered less likely.

whatever all that means over the long run…..


Hi @alrod, Welcome to Connect. I don't really know the answer to your question but did find a little more information on telangiectasia. The article does mention they don't normally require treatment but they can sometimes signify a more severe medical condition and may warrant closer inspection. Have you discussed the symptoms with your doctor?

Should I worry about a telangiectasia?

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