Anesthesia types and effect on cognitive function in elderly persons

Posted by mnpat @mnpat, Jan 1, 2017

Hello, I am a 73 yr. old female considering a knee replacement. One of my major concerns is types of anesthesia and possibly decline in cognitive function. Any one have information?


discusss this with your DRS. They should know what medications your r on and the possible interactions Also, what about NP surgery and exercise instead?

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What is NP surgery?


I had both knees replaced in the past 8 months. I had an epidural and a femoral block. It worked very well. No memory of the operation and after a few minutes in recovery room wide awake and alert. No nausea afterwards. I had a friend who opted for general and he was so sick for days after with nausea and vomiting. I would never go that route..


Thanks! Any reason you did epidural rather than spinal? The femoral block is a great idea.


Actually I think it was a spinal I had. The femoral block was good and that stayed in place for for about a day and a half after the operation. Great pain relief.

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