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Posted by @jerij, Aug 28, 2011

I was found to be very anemic about a year and a half ago. I had a complete hysterectomy last December and am now still anemic. I come home from work most days and have to only rest in order to be able to work the next day. My body and especially legs ache and hurt 24/7 .
My doctor put me on an iron med called Forte plus about 3wks ago and if anything I am worse. Anyone know anything about anemia and possible ways to help get back to a normal life?



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Posted by @ckellis, Dec 20, 2011

I take APIS. It is homeopathic and I got it from my naturalist, talking along side of my many other hematology treatments including steroids. My Dr. Is aware of it and agreed to watch and draw blood to check the effects of taking 2 drops older my tongue once a week. My hemoglobin went from 7 to 9 in two weeks and in one month was at 12. In less than 2 months it settled in at 14. I am a pretty happy person. I looked for help for 6 years, this is the first thing I found that worked for me. Good Luck!

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