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Posted by @nicky1, Jan 29, 2012

My 4 yr old son has been sick since he was a baby, and every year he is getting worse. He has severe asthma, food allergies, and the past month he has been going into anaphylaxis shock for no reason. Beside these issues his specialist also thinks he has an immune disease. Every episode of anaphylaxis is worst then the previous one, I’m really worried and just feel helpless. Does anyone have any advice to a worried and sleepless mom?



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Posted by @jayjayks, Jan 30, 2012

Simplify menus and prepare all foods yourself. There are to many hidden ingredients. Prepare mainly meat and vegetables….unseasoned or maybe a little plain salt…and like rice cereals ….see if he gets better and then add things one at a time….Even candies and cookies have hidden allergens….Absolutely avoid all the things on the food allergy list. My Mom did this for me and I am 58 and still here and my food allergy list is way short compared to what it was as a child. Remember, if fruit, try to get it without any sprays on it…wash it and peel it before serving. It soulnds like a pain but it really does work! Remember sausages and hotdogs can have milk in them like goat and sheep ones that people are allergicc to…same with pizza and pasta dishes that are prepared ones.


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Posted by @abbywjohnson, Jul 13, 2012

My daughter goes into anaphylaxis easy too. Each episode is worse than the first. She is allergic to soy.

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