Does anyone have amyloidosis?

Posted by packgb19 @packgb19, Nov 12, 2019

Does anyone know a person that has Amyloidosis? I believe it's directly related to Multi Myeloma? Please advise.


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Hello @rhamrin. "This hasn't been an easy ride, but endurable," is a realistic and positive way of talking about dealing with a rare disorder or cancer. While I don't have a blood cancer, I do have a rare blood disorder (hemophilia) that can cause issues that are difficult to deal with. I'll remember those words, not easy, but endurable. If you don't mind me asking, how are you doing post-transplant? Was it autologous or allogeneic? I have heard one is more difficult than the other.

@packgb19, you mentioned you were starting chemo. If you are comfortable sharing, how did your first treatment go?

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My first 2 Chem treatments are going ok! I found out on my blood tests from last Friday 14th of Nov 19 that my:
Kappa Light Chain, Free Serum is now 8.00 (normal is .33-1.94)
Lambda Light Chain, Free Serum is 1.32 (normal is .57-2.63)
Kappa/Lambda Free Light Chain Radio is 6.06 (normal is 0.26-1.65)

Should I worry about this now, or wait until I'm seen at Mayo next Monday the 25th of Nov 19?
Please advise very worried.



Mayo will get those numbers and review, But it might be early on the treatment to get to concerned on the numbers

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