Alternative, natural supplements for Klonopin withdrawal anyone?

Posted by g0ldengirl1952 @g0ldengirl1952, Apr 1, 2023

I'm hoping to talk with folks that have found alternatives to Clonazepam as I am weaning off of mine, I've discussed it all on another thread here called Klonopin Tapering.

I have done some reading about how Klonopin/clonazepam works in the body, and found some alternatives although only trying one thing called L-theanine. The other things I've seen mentioned so far, are GABA, Niacin, and Vit. C.

Any input/feedback is so welcome as I want to sort of rebuild the parts of my body that have been taken over by the clonazepam (1 mg since 1988) and I am still hopeful this can happen for me at age 70 now.

I want everyone to know that I am not against conventional medicine, but I know that I want clonazepam out of my life and know it's possible just from what I've seen and heard so far 🙂

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I may need that medicine, but what side effects did you stumble upon? How long were you on them? And if I already have severe muskoskalital issues, is clonipon not a suggested medication?


I have tremors, ringing in my ears 24/7 (use a little white-noise app on my phone or I'd go nuts) I developed a heart problem in 97 almost 8 years into using the drug, and way more anxiety and depression to the point of giving up, lets say. I need to be clear that I do NOT know if Klonopin/clonazepam caused any, or all of my issues and I only listed the big ones I have. But all those things were mentioned in an article or two I read.

You may very well need clonazepam, I am not against people that the drug helps, but it certainly is not helping me, if it ever did more than make me drowsy, feel calmer. I can only suggest you know about any drug your doc recommends going into it. I don't assume any pill is good for me because the doctor says so, I do my own research as best I can is all. It's my responsibility ultimately, and I wish I'd learned that, or realized earlier on.


Just decided to get off Klonopin after 25 years of 1 mg. I am older than you, but I’m noticing the struggles having bad effects on my body. How are you doing with getting off this terrible drug.


Alternate prescriptions: Buspar, Luvox
Natural alternatives: mindful meditations etc (Insight Timer app has lots of free content), therapy

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