Are there side effects from getting allergy shots long term?

Posted by fab44 @fab44, Dec 9, 2022

Are there any side effects from getting allergy shots on a long term plan? Some plans go on for a year or more with a once a week shot and then go to a maintenance plan.

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I was an allergy nurse for many years. usually many will stop after about 5 yrs if they have been at maintenance dose about that long. some pts prefer to stay on longer as sort of a security. I was one of those. I finally had Rast testing which showed only 2 allergens remained. finally decided to stop the shots. eventually I went back to levoceterizine in am. then hydroxyzine at bedtime due to terrible itchy rash on my legs. since Bermuda grass is dormant this time of yr I've stopped the nighttime antihistamine as I'm needing cpap and 02 (very long story). hopefully u r being seen by allergist, not an ENT.


Susie, I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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