Allergic to only glaucoma drops that work

Posted by eloiset @eloiset, Jun 6 8:43am

Hello a seem to be allergic to my glaucoma medication which is Ganfort. It keeps causing very red eyes Ipain and my eyelid keeps swelling up. Unfortunately these are the only eye drops that work well enough to reduce my pressure to acceptable levels. Can anyone suggest an eye drop alternative that is safe particularly for someone who has a risk of retinal detachment. I am also taking simbrinza which seems on for my eye so far but can sometimes make me feel they but foggy. Can anyone recommend very effective natural treatment so that I can stop taking these eye drops in the long-term as well and or any effective alternative for simbrinza. Thank you

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I was told decades ago that I’m allergic to the preservatives in eye drops that cause my eyes to get red and burn. I have to use single dose refresh for dry eyes to avoid preservatives. Are the drops you’re using available in single dose applicators? More expensive that way but worth it. Best of luck.


@eloiset I'm sorry to hear that you are having such problems with the drops. My friend was allergic to one ingredient in his, and the VA referred him to a specialized eye clinic, where they compounded the drops without it.
Are you being seen by a high-risk ophthalmologist? If not, I highly recommend it.
We are not doctor ms here, but as far as I know there are no natural treatments for glaucoma-and I have been studying about it for years since I was diagnosed


eloiset @eloiset
I have been fighting glaucoma for 30 years now. I am currently on 3 eye drops: Pilocarpine, Dorzolimide, and Rocklantan. I was on the preservative free version of Dorzolimide for a long time but it started to make my eyes red so I',m back on the preservative version. These drops do keep my pressure between 10-13. I did have detached retinas back in the 1980's but have not had any since. I've been on a lot of different eye drops but not the one you mentioned. I see my optimologist about every 3 months. I'd be happy to try and answer any questions?


For about 5 years I was on Latanaprost but that slowly seemed to be not lowering the pressure adequetly. My doctor retired so I had to pick another. After about 2 years he put me on Rocklatan which immediatly dropped the pressure. But that slowly stopped working too. He did the laser trab. procedure which did not seem to help.
There must have been a few months in which the pressure was too high because my right eye vision deterioted greatly, but so slowly I did not notice until it was too late.
So I switched doctors. The first visit was at 8:15 am and they immediatly checked the pressure and it was 18 in my left eye and 24 in my right! This is after putting Rocklatan in each eye just before bedtime the previous night. That is how I know it was not working any more.
He put me on Dorzo+Timol mixture drops twice a day, at breakfast and dinner, still with Rocklatan at bedtime. They do burn, even more than Rocklatan but if they work I can put up with it.
After 1 month the pressure was down to 10 and 12! This is the lowest it has been, hope it sticks.
I know several people with NORMAL pressure that still have glaucoma so this is all just a shot in the dark !!

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