Alkaline water and bladder health

Posted by mariaguinle @mariaguinle, Nov 14, 2021


I have been drinking alkaline water for a few months now and I’m also getting UTIs every month, witch it was never common before. I would usually get one infection a year maybe two.
Could the water be affecting my bladder in a negative way? Can it also be bad for my kidneys?

I take antibiotics every UTI and the inflection goes away but after a week or two it’ll come back…

I do need to mention that I have an overactive bladder and urgency also.

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UTIs can be complicated so a consult with a urologist would generally be recommended at this point. My quick review of a connection with alkaline water suggests the opposite in terms of UTIs, but I’m unsure. What else has changed for you? Anything different besides the alkaline water? Has the urine been cultured and shown the same organism? Good luck with this irritating problem and please give any followup especially if you find an answer.


Hi @mariaguinle, I agree with @bcs123456 that alkaline water and urinary tract infections may not be related. UTIs can be persistent and recurrent.

– Is alkaline water better for you than plain water? | Mayo Clinic
– Alkaline Water: Benefits and Risks

Research is inconclusive and caution should be used with high-alkaline water, especially for people who have kidney issues.

Bottom line – drinking plain water is good for you. The human body is designed to find its own balance. People should think carefully whether it is worth investing in expensive equipment that is unlikely to make a difference. There are many unfounded health claims made about drinking alkaline water.

May I ask why you started drinking alkaline water? Have you consulted a doctor to get treatment?


I was diagnosed with Overactive Bladder before a 'wet swab' was done for Vaginitis.
My complaint was it felt like a UA and acted like a UA..but was Vaginitis. A course of antibiotics cleared it up.
I won't go into the problems the OA diagnosis and treatment caused. May I say I do not have OA.

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