Alcohol Use During Menopause: Helpful or Not:

Posted by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor @hopeful33250, May 5 9:52am

In today's Mayo Clinic's News Network, there was a good discussion on menopausal symptoms and alcohol use. The article and video explain the many symptoms of menopause and how women might try to use alcohol to minimize these symptoms and how alcohol might increase those menopausal symptoms and even create new health issues.
As those in addiction and recovery, what do you think?

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I’m sorry but I think that using alcohol to minimize menopause symptoms is a disaster waiting to happen..we have learned by now that it’s a substance that if used for coping with life will usually lead to possible addiction and other health issues. It’s almost the same as using sedatives or other substance to help you cope. I’m not anti alcohol but when women go through menopause they sometimes can have terrible mental and physical symptoms that are very difficult to endure and I don’t think it’s the right thing to do, there’s good herbal remedies today like Black Cohosh and Evening Primrose oil, even vitamin b6 is helpful. There was a program on television a few years ago about mom’s who stayed home full time with the kids and they were secretly drinking to cope..the ultimate tragedy was that one mother was driving the kids to school and she was drunk and no one was aware of it until she got into an car accident killing several children from other friends. It was a total tragic accident that happened because a stressed mom used alcohol to help her cope.

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