"Air" full head protective mask

Posted by rseitzberg @rseitzberg, Dec 28, 2020

Would the Mayo Clinic recommend this new full face covering with heppa filters made by the company
MicroClimate. You can search Google for "Air MicroClimate mask"

Why or why not?

It's seems relatively affordable if it is a viable means of keeping yourself safe from Covid especially for high risk people.

Please let me know so I can decide if I should recommend to my grandma who just recovered from lung cancer.

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Hello @rseitzberg and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a community comprised of members seeking and providing support to one another. Your question is whether or not Mayo Clinic would recommend this device.

The following information is being shared by Mayo Clinic regarding face masks and does not currently include a category for the type of full head protective mask.

-COVID-19: How much protection do face masks offer?
Have you consulted with your mother's doctor regarding this for her personal situation and health needs?


@rseitzberg– I would also like to welcome you to Mayo ClinicnConnect. Wow! that is some helmet! Do you think that your grandma would wear something like that? I have lung cancer and I'm not sure that I would. Is your grandma recovering from surgery? If I were you I would recommend an N95 with a bracket under it:
I use this N95 and the bracket and it's much easier for me. Have you looked at these before? Has your grandma?


I personally would not recommend the helmet AT THIS TIME for the following reasons:
No independent certification to indicate it has been tested and shown to be effective.
How does one safely wipe eyes or nose or adjust glasses – with the neck scarf/gaiter it would be a pain – with a mask, simply remove one loop, wipe & done.
It weighs about 2 lbs. That doesn't sound like much, but if a person has any head, neck or shoulder issues, it could be too much.
The helmet plus the sound of 2 fans running wil cause difficulty hearing people around her the designer recommends wearing earpods to carry on conversations…
This uses USB technology to charge – unless Grandma is tech savvy, it could be an issue.
Finally – the delivery window appears to be 2 1/2 to 3 months – Grandma could well have the vaccine by then.

I like Merry's suggestion of a face mask better, but as with everything Covid – this may evolve into a reasonable solution.


Thank you all for your feedback. It sounds like there needs to be more testing and maybe a design with easier access to the face before it would be a good option for my grandmother. Thanks for your advice, I will pass it on.


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