Ahi increasing on cpap with 100 % mask fit

Posted by akalsas @akalsas, Mar 27, 2021

Feeling worse in morning after using cpap and ahi increasing especially in the earlier part of sleep.

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Hi @akalsas, I think all of us CPAP users have struggled at different times with AHI numbers. I know we are all different but sleeping position I think can be one of the things I would try first. My numbers are really high when I sleep on my back so I try to stay focused on sleeping on one side or the other. If I wake up on my back I roll to the side and try to fall asleep on that side. Here are some other suggestions you might find helpful:

How to Improve Your AHI Score Overnight: https://www.thecpapshop.com/blog/how-to-improve-your-ahi-score-overnight/

I'm sure other members may have good suggestions to try also. I'm not sure 100% mask fit means much for AHI but that's just my opinion. My CPAP shows 100% mask fit all the time and my numbers have been above and below my 4.0 AHI target. It could also be the pressure settings. I struggled with those for the first month after I was diagnosed and started using a CPAP.

Have you discussed your questions with your sleep medicine doctor or care team?

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