Agent Orange/Dioxin related illnesses

Posted by Tiffie @tiffie, Mar 19, 2012

I know this is a touchy subject for many, but I am still looking for answers. My trip to Jacksonville helped with some, but not all. I am suffering from a mystery illness and it seems to be related to my father’s exposure to Agent Orange. Me and my sister both have the same symptoms, except she is more advanced. My niece is starting to show the symptoms. In my search online, I have found many other children of Vietnam Vets going through this. I guess I’m just wondering if there are any here, and if so, do you have a diagnosis yet? I have some such as fibromyalgia and connective tissue disease, but it doesn’t cover all of the symptoms. The symptoms are very ms like. I am 35 years old and some days have to use a walker. I fall. I lose feeling in limbs. I can not even hold a job right now. I have met many other children who have had a wide range of illnesses and birth defects. I know a lot of us are suffering from mental illness including bipolar. I’m bipolar myself. But I have that answer. I want the answers for the pain and weakness and fatigue. I plan on revisiting the mayo clinic after I get better insurance since new symptoms have come on since my last visit. I know they did everything they could. I know my local doctors are. I’m just hoping to get more information to take to both there and my local doctors of people with similar symptoms and had a hard time getting diagnosed. My own research on dioxin is showing that these are very common symptoms of it. So just wondering who else is in the same boat.

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Yes, I’m a 100% disabled Viet-Nam vet, suffering with the effects of agent orange, this chemical was used to kill vegetation in the jungles so that we could see the enemy, not knowing the effects this would have later in life, yes this agent orange has effected my eyes-liver-kidneys-joints, I’m on dialysis now, there is a compensation the va may pay the childen of viet-nam vets for they conditions-you will have to check with the va about how you would go about making this claim.

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Thank you for the information.  

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