After ICU and ventilation

Posted by cindyvag @cindyvag, Jul 5, 2019

Hi all, i am new but felt i needed more answers and help. I was misdiagonosed on 13th June 2019 with pharangitis and was then rushed to icu with influenza a, pneumonia and bronchitis. I was in ICU on a ventilator for 10 days and ive been out of hospital for a week and a bit. My worries are and i hope someone can maybe relate and tell me its normal, i get pain in my chest which moves around and in my back and neck. Im generally weak and very shakey and now get terrible headache but in my back of my head. Doctor said all is good and i am going to feel like this for a while up to 6 weeks even. Why though i dont understand and feeling anxious about it

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I've been thinking of you all week @cindyvag knowing that you went back to work on Monday. I am sorry that you are in the position you are in with your employer. But I am encouraged that you are choosing to hold on to a positive outlook on this. I am hopeful that you can continue to find support through this site that may be unavailable to you through other avenues. Also continue to check back on our blog. I will be updating this monthly - our series right now is discussing life beyond the ICU. We will discuss topics like exercise, nutrition, stress relief, etc. that can all help aid in recovery. I think you will find these posts helpful!

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Awww thanks annie, thats really kind of u.

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