afraid of Losing vision

Posted by jfching @jfching, Nov 1, 2023

Lately, I feel that my vision is getting blurry, though I consulted an optometrist and she informed me that the glasses need not change grade since 6 years ago. However, I really feel challenged seeing something from afar. we adjusted the grade by one level and when I remove glasses I again see blurs. This is my second progressive glasses. I have no problem looking and reading up close but see blurs looking at the distance (though I can see things at a distance I just cannot read them anymore). I am afraid that due to my diabetes, my eyesight is giving up earlier than normal. My grade is just 225 I think.

Thank you so much

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I have the beginning of Macular I too am afraid of losing my sight as I live alone



Please go see a reputable Opthalmologist (do a little research on Doctors in your area). An optometrist cannot help you at this point. When you make the appointment you can briefly explain your problem and perhaps they will direct you to the appropriate provider. I would suggest an eye clinic with different eye specialists if there is one in your area. I also wouldn’t delay any longer and am surprised your optometrist didn’t suggest this. My optometrist is the one that told me I had an old scar on my cornea that could be lasered off. I called my eye clinic and had that done and the slight haze on that eye was gone.

FL Mary


@jfching, I agree with @imallears, that you should be seen by a reputable ophthalmologist. You deserve to know what is causing the blurriness, and to get it treated. 6 years is a long time to have had to deal with this.
Since you mentioned diabetes, why don't you begin by asking that doctor, or your primary care doctor for a referral? My experience has been that my primary care doctor can get me an appointment much quicker than I can. I encourage young tell you to tell the doctor exactly what you have written in your post.

@eva1930, I understand your fear because my mother-in-law also had macular and went thru many stages of decline, after many years of monitoring and eye care from her ophthalmologist. My husband is currently being watches by our ophthalmologist, and has been prescribed eye drops to hopefully delay any effect on his vision.
Eva, Are you under the care of an ophthalmologist? Does he/she keep regular check-ups with you?


I have the beginning of macular too and having another tes on Monday. Ii hope I can be referred to an optomologist

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