Afib symptoms Between Episodes

Posted by idda @idda, Sep 30, 2022

I just recently had my first afib episode, but have been having symptoms of dizziness, weakness, chest pain, that are typical of afib for several years. I experience these symptoms almost every time I exert myself. Is it possible to experience afib symptoms even though you are in normal sinus rhythm?

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As to your direct question, there are of course other possible causes for the common symptoms you list, but in my case, at least since I got an ECG watch, they have been associated with AFIB for me. One thing I have noted though is that my capacity for normal activity and even exercise while in AFIB is either improving or is better than I thought it was before I started monitoring. I also experience AFIB quite a bit more often than I thought. I have a Samsung Watch 4 but there are many other models and most, other than the most sophisticated, aren't really too expensive. TA

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