AEDS and Endometriosis

Posted by Chris Gautier OR Santosha @santosha, Aug 17, 2023

Last week I have been informed by my gynecologist that I will need to go through surgery to remove polyps in my uterus and also because of endometriosis. This was quite a surprise to me!
I have recently learned and read some studies informing that some AEDs such as Lamictal, Tegretol and Trileptal, AEDs I have made use of in the past, may cause endometriosis and other problems in women.
Have any of you experienced that? If so, I would be very grateful if you could share your experience!
Thank you very much
Chris (Santosha)

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My 30 year old daughter was diagnosed with Endometriosis last November 2023. She has been in extreme pain ever since, requiring 24 hour care at home.
She had emergency surgery to remove a cyst on December 15, only 3 days before her birthday.
Pain continued after surgery. She just had a hypo plexus block injections in the pelvic nerve 3 days ago. Pain is less severe, however, she is still unable to have a full night sleep due to the pain.
What a terrible condition that so many women experience.
How can women with this condition survive on their own?
There are only a handful of Endometriosis specialists.
It’s been an extremely frustrating battle for my daughter, and for her loved ones that are caring for her.
If any of you are going through this, hope you have someone holding your hand.


Hi @angelicarosa
Thank you so much for sharing your daughter's experience with us. I am very sorry to hear all she has been going through.
Could you share what kind of AEDs your daughter takes and has taken in the past? Did the doctors who are caring for her see any relation between this endometriosis and the AEDs she takes and/or has taken in the past?
Wishing your daughter better days.
Chris (@santosha)

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