Advocate for yourself... ALWAYS!!!

Posted by 2gallonhabit @2gallonhabit, Jun 10 6:41pm

Hi all. I'm Stage 5 CKD – ADPKD is my cause – and for the second time in two weeks I had to advocate for myself despite full medical histories being available.
An emergency room visit almost got me a shot of NSAIDs – despite my stating very explicitly that I can't have them due to severely impaired kidney function. And a routine MRI almost came with contrast dye (I can't imagine my nephrologist ordered it with..). In both cases the medical staff pooh pah'ed my concern until I asked for a second opinion.
Advocate for yourself constantly. Often times we know the ins and outs of our condition better than others.
Take care.

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Hello @2gallonhabit

You posted a very important message for everyone who has a chronic illness and is dependent on the health care system. Advocating for yourself is very important. You did well to notify the ER and the MRI staff of the need to reconsider their plans. Good for you!

We have numerous members on Connect who follow this advice. Thanks again for your post.

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