Advice for tapering off of Temazapam 30mg

Posted by biggsy @biggsy, Jun 9 12:05pm

I’ve been taking Temazapam 30mg for about 5 months now, had to take 50mg Hydroxyzine pamote with it as it makes me very stuffy. I’ve been taking it for severe insomnia. I sleep with it but only feel like I sleep very lightly and wake at least once or more times during the night. I also have severe anxiety, depression whining taking other meds for. I would like to try to see if I can sleep without the Temazapam as I don’t want it be physically dependent on it and/or develop a tolerance and have it stop working. Since it is a capsule, how do I taper off of it. It only comes in 30mg, 22.5mg and 7.5mg. Theses seem like awfully big jumps to try to taper to. I’m very sensitive to meds and had extreme side effects getting on the meds I am currently on, they are just now starting to get better.

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I wish I had advice for you . I have severe anxiety and depression and insomnia . I have been taking Tempezpan for a long time . I used to take trazodone but it stopped working . Now I have to take trazodone two hours prior to sleep and then take Tempezpam. I was taking 30mg and now I am taking 22.5 . My husband’s cancer diagnosis triggered my insomnia to make it even worse . I wish there was an alternative. I take an antidepressant and klonopin but neither make me tired . Trazodone might be an option . I know everyone is different but it helps me . Hoping maybe someone has a solution . Thinking of you . I hate having to take it .


Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine. It makes my sinus feel awful too. Mirtazapine helped me, but it increased hunger. It’s supposed to help mood a bit too, but I just used it for sleep.

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