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advanced prostate cancer

Posted by @doodles in Cancer, Oct 14, 2011

My husband, age 87, was diagnosed with Stage 4 advanced prostate cancer in November, 2008. His psa was 44. He has received Lupron injections every 4 months and took Casadex for several months but discontinued recently as it was no longer effective.. His psa continued to drop until reaching .0.25(when Casadex was working) but now has risen to 0.82. We saw an Urologist Oncologist this week and his treatment would be Provenge. Any information about this would be most helpful. Also, any other treatments except chemotherapy. Thank you very much.

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Posted by @robertg, Oct 19, 2011

My partner was in the Provenge trial he was 50 when he was diagnosed with Metastatic Bone disease after a robotic prostectomy ,,, he tolerated the phresis process during the first session but developed Rikers during the second .. he passed away 4 months later.


Posted by @doodles, Nov 29, 2011

So very sorry for your loss. We have decided to not try Provenge at this time. We are hoping for other types of hormone therapy. Thanks for your reply.

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