Adenocarcinoma Non Small Cell stage 2A....anyone??

Posted by merilee @merilee, Sep 30, 2016

Was wondering are there are any stage 2A non snall on here..would like to know. When diagnosed, had surgery or what treatments you have had ? Any local reoccurrences….and how the treatments worked?? I myself had a resection last year, app 7 months after..had enlarged lymph nodes in chest that was had more chemo with 30 radiation treatments..Dr thinks it was there before but to small to show.
On a scan.. there are so many people on the site’s i go to, but not many stage 2A..and not alot of info.. …. so thank you.for any replys. Merilee

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Hope it helps!
Good luck with the surgery…

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Thank you and your prayers are all I need.

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