Achalasia: What's your experience with a Heller myotomy?

Posted by nmr @nmr, Jun 15, 2020

Wondering who has a a HM with partial wrap and how long it lasted?

Hi @nmr and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I added your question to the Digestive Health group as well ( where you find additional discussions about achalasia like these:

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I'm tagging @judyinaz @amoll157 @fourof5zs @leeross123 @ryman @hopeful33250 @uvamomb2007 and @dandl48 in the hopes that they will return to share their experiences with Heller myotomy or other treatment options.

NMR, are you preparing to have a Heller myotomy? What's your experience with non-surgical treatments thus far?


I had pseudo achalaysia and had a Heller Myotomy performed in 2016. I can swallow with no difficulties whereas before, even water was difficult. I had a full Nissen fundoplication, but it had to be taken down. I now have a partial wrap that is somewhat effective in controling my reflux. I still have reflux, though.

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