Ablation failed. Should I pay the co-pay?

Posted by lelorrain @lelorrain, Jun 10, 2016

I had an ablation done on April 6 to clear ventricular tachycardia. After a 6 hours procedure, the ablation failed. I have another one scheduled at the same hospital. In the meantime, I received a bill from the hospital, amounting to $3700, as a copay. It doesn’t seem right. How can I contest the bill?

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It sucks, but that’s how our system is…all the treatments people go through and either they don’t work, or people die or whatever and we get billed after the fact-medications that don’t work etc etc etc a lot of wasted money in our lifetime for things that don’t work… Doing an ablation well…it might correct heart arrhythmia’s but there is no guarantee any of this stuff will work on everyone. Lynn


Hi @lelorrain. I echo @lynnkay1956‘s sentiment. It certainly “sucks” and it doesn’t seem fair. But because the procedure was performed and there is no guarantee of success, i’m guessing contesting it may be unsuccessful. However, it can’t hurt to call and ask your insurance. It’s always good to be your own advocate and at least ask the question. You may consider calling the hospital’s billing department as well. They may be willing to work with you especially if you say you are scheduled for another procedure and contemplating going somewhere else.

Have you done any research into other facilities/physicians that might have a better success rate?

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