Abdominal muscle tightness

Posted by learningstudent @learningstudent, Aug 22, 2020

Well I have a lot of symptoms. But I would like to focus on one first. Around April and May I started having bloated stomach and abdomen and this happened once a day and only occurred at night time and it is progressing worse. At the end of May this also occurred in the morning. Even I did not eat, I still felt bloated. But that lasted for a couple hours and then subsided. Right now it has changed from bloating to tightness. This happened the day after I had acupuncture. And I do not think acupuncture caused that. In the morning if I do not eat it is slightly better but after I eat I could feel a little tight. But in the evening or at night the abdomen muscle or to be more accurate internally abdominal muscle becomes really tight and it becomes worse if I eat. This happens particularly when I stand up and I feel something inside my abdomen pushing my abdominal muscle out. This makes it difficult to breathe and move. I feel slightly better when lying down or sitting but worse when standing up. Do u know what causes that? I do not have any injury or anything to my abdomen. I have been to the GI doc and have had endo and colonoscopy done and everything was normal and have had empty stomach test and still waiting for the result because I do not really feel hungry and I am fine with eating a small meal that could last for a whole day.

This is really bothering me the most because that affects my movement and it is worse when I crouch and squat.

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Does anyone have any thoughts on stomach tightening severely after eating and if you lie down you can feel tight lumps in the stomach that can be massaged but come right back—almost like hard bubbles. I cannot eat much and have lost a lot of weight. I am sure my digestion has stopped but in the morning I'm much better–then it starts again.

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Hi @veruca68 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. There are a number of people that have discussed abdominal tightness, so I moved your post to a conversation where you can connect with other members like @lasirvent, @woot, @amyma and @learningstudent.

Have you seen a physician about this yet? Have they done a gastric emptying scan?

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