A plea - In desperate need of Functional/Holistic MD in WI or IL

Posted by summerof42 @summerof42, Jul 18 6:28pm

You can review my prior posts regarding my current condition, down to 90 lbs now and in terrible pain and withering away. This week has been really rough. Prior to Covid (twice) I was so very health, happy and active. I don't want to give up, but and I'm typically very strong, but I don't know how I can go like this. So many horrible symptoms like many of us, I struggle to get through the day.

It seems in speaking to others, the best support and treatment is going the Functional/Holisti route. As such, 'm praying to hard that someone on this forum knows of such a Dr. or LT Clinic in the WI or Illinois area. I live on the far south end of WI, near IL border.

I need to get this virus out of me. First Covid hit me in Sept '20 and second bout was Nov '21. Both times my PCP would not give me any medication or monoclonal antibodies as I begged and said, "you'll be fine, and good luck in trying to find the medication as it' in short supply." He or his staff didn't even try or care, which is why where I am today.

Lots of Love & Hugs to all

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I am so sorry you are still going through this. No offense intended, but, I was told by a nurse practioner who worked on the Covid unit that our primary physicians are simply not equipped to handle Covid back in the first part of 2020 when it hit us hard. I believe that. I am praying you find some one soon to help you. It's frustrating when doctors do not listen. Most of the primary doctors in our area are not a fan of the monoclonal antibodies and push other things. If you are 10 days past Covid, they would not give it to you anyway, even in a hospital. You need an integrative doctor for sure that will listen and that can give you the monoclonal antibodies.
Praying right now for help. Hugs & Much Hope……


I think I remember you may not have had the best experience at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, but my PCP is at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern. I’ve seen two of the physicians there and liked them both.

I have a colleague who sees physicians at the Raby Institute also at Northwestern; it is also an integrative medicine clinic.

I know at least at Osher, there will be a at least few month’s wait. But I believe they also have an NP and may have recently hired a new provider.


Forgot to mention this in my original reply… If it makes a difference to you, their approach with long COVID isn’t to “get the virus out of you.” The approach is that the infection (which has come and gone) altered how the body functions and/or the immune system, much like other viral infections can trigger an autoimmune response. There’s no going back to how your body was (in their approach)…the idea is to bring things back in balance, improve function, and address the most limiting symptoms to improve quality of life.

It’s not a fit for everyone, or it can take time to come around to accepting that, if at all.

I do really like my PCP though. Here is their website: https://ocih.nm.org/our-providers.html

I don’t have personal experience with the Raby Institute, but one of my physicians recommended them, and I have a colleague who loves it there: https://www.rabyintegrativemedicine.com/


Thanks Emo. My comment on "get the virus out of you," was really just wishful thinking which I'm sure we're all feeling.


@emo – just sent you private message. Thx!

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