A new challenge. Fallen and can't get up

Posted by robertsbrown @robertsbrown, May 1 4:07am

This is a new one. My gal fell in the bathroom, wet herself, and couldn't get up. I heard the fall, and I went to calm her and get her sorted out, but…I couldn't! I got her soiled laundry off, and mopped up the floor around her, but she could not get up, and because of where her mind is, she could not understand the most basic instructions to roll over onto her hands and knees. We sat there for nearly an hour, and to my eye it was like watching a nature documentary about upside-down turtles. My wife outweighs me, and is physically weak, and completely clueless about her own limbs. She did eventually, randomly, get on her knees. I sprang into action, got a stepladder in the right place, and we managed to get her vertical. Once steady, i put her back to bed to rest and get her strength back.
What next? Grab rails in all bathrooms, and maybe in the hallways too. It's time to make the house ADA compliant, and I am considering moving our bedroom from the second floor to the first. If we get to wheelchairs, I have a plan for that too. I was just minutes away from calling the fire department for a lifting service, but it's 1:30am here, and I just don't want all the lights and attention if we can avoid it. And the dogs, of course, always helpful with strangers and lights and etc.
So, long story, but whoo-hoo, here comes another chapter of this fun ride we all share.

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I’m sorry that happened. You can always call 911 and they will send a crew to help her up. They do it all the time and are very kind.


Hi @robertsbrown Falls are so very scary! We added grab bars in our bathroom, put nonskid ‘stickers’ on our slippery floors, introduced the use of a walker in the house, and added an inexpensive monitoring system do I was aware of when my wife was moving around. We also eventually added a hospital bed with rails to help avoid falls.

Strength, Courage, & Peace


I am 92 so falling is a great concern for me. If I fall on the floor, I tell everyone, don't wait, call the fire department, I cannot get up by myself, and unfortunately I am not a light-weight so please do not try to lift me, I do not want anyone getting a hernia. I also have two knees, two hips, and a shoulder replacement I do have bars in my shower, and one on the outside to hold when getting out. My friend who is also 92 has a small bath chair in the shower with hand rails, and she has a hand held shower head and is able to shower easily and safely. I try to avoid stairs. Legs are just not as strong as they once were. I carry a telephone with me at all times. If I am alone, it is easy for me to call for help. Hope this maybe of some help to you.


@robertsbrown, I commend you on the patience you had to console and keep your wife calm until she could get up. Can you call your local fire department and ask if they would come without lights and sirens if you need to call them? It might be good to find this out before you need them again.


there is a lift device – Indeelift. you can find them on the internet. these will lift someone to chair height. then you can transfer to a wheelchair. moving to the first floor sounds like a good idea.

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