8 Week Post-Op Nausea, bloating, shaky, and fatigue. Hernia Surgery

Posted by kaspercory @kaspercory, Apr 28, 2022

For 9 months I've had a weird pain in my groin to the left of my genitals on my groin. Got an MRI and found out I had bilateral inguinal hernias. Got those fixed.

The 9 month pain persists (Made me feel like it was useless to get the surgery just yet). To top it off... After the surgery, I now feel constantly bloated, constantly nauseated, heartburn, shaky, and fatigued- And pain in my lower left quadrant of my stomach.

I still poop, but once every like... 3 days vs my old once a day. So Bowel obstruction isn't a problem (unless it's partial bowel obstruction due to scar tissue).

When I walk, it feels like I'm getting kicked inbetween my legs.

I went to the ER, and bloodwork and x-ray of my abdomen (KUB Negative) looks "normal".

I had a CT Scan 4 weeks ago and it said "normal post operative" fluids and gasses. But the feeling and pain is getting worse...

What do you recommend I do? I am scheduled for an MRI a month away, but the nausea and shakeyness is getting worse. I'm not sure what to do if they say "everything looks normal" but it feels like this and is ruining my life...

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Hello @kaspercory and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sure the post-op symptoms are concerning and challenging to say the least. I am sorry you are dealing with this after surgery, when you likely expected to feel much better.

I found member @jeffkboyce who has shared previously, in a different discussion, that he has experienced bilateral inguinal hernias so wanted to bring him in in case he is willing to share his experience with you.

While we wait to see if he can join in, I've also found the following information that may be helpful.

- Inguinal Hernia: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/inguinal-hernia/symptoms-causes/syc-20351547

Are you working with the same doctor(s) or have you sought a second opinion?


I read your story with interest and found this report in my research. I hope it provides you some direction? I wonder if your mesh patches, I presume the surgeon used, have moved causing you groin pain? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1422438/

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