8 months of blocked ear and head pain

Posted by ambrose123 @ambrose123, Sep 18 11:10pm

for 8 months i’ve been dealing with the feeling of a blocked right ear which is causing pain in my right temple and eye and sometimes radiates to my shoulder. i’ve seen a doctor countless of times in which nothings been able to help, antibiotics, spray, another doctor said to just chew gum for two weeks. also did nothing. they say inside looks normal but if i stick fingers in both my ears i can feel a significant difference in size of ear canal. my ear will not unpop. and the past few weeks it’s been getting worse and worse and making me feel disgusting and like something is seriously wrong with me. does anyone have any advice or any guidance as to what this could be

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Have you been checked for TMJD? These are all symptoms of it.


Hi @ambrose123, as you continue your search for answers, you may appreciate these possibly related discussions and the helpful responses from members:
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And for background on @sandralea58's suggestion, you can read more about Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders here:
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I hope this helps lead to questions you can ask your doctor and work together to find answers.

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